Duo violin-piano

Danae Papamattheou – Matschke, Violin
Uwe Matschke, Piano

Danae Papamattheou-Matschke and Uwe Matschke have been working together for several years, performing in Greece and abroad, at major musical centers and festivals, such as:

  • Festspiele Mecklenburg – Vorpommern
  • Concert Hall of Athens and Thessaloniki
  • Pharos Arts Foundation – Nicosia
  • International Aegina Music Festival
  • Samos Young Artists Festival
  • Hermupolia, Syros
  • Festival Gyzi, Santorini
  • Sani Festival, Halkidiki
Extracts from reviews for the violin-piano Duo

"...Τhe two soloists offered a perfect interpretation of the pieces. Ιn this artistic relation, everything functions harmoniously and the soloists achieve interpretations with no voids neither on a the musical nor the technical level.
Danae Papamatheou-Matschke has an irreproachable technique, a bright sound in the violin, a rich pallet of colourful sounds and a fascinating collection of expressive means. Although she is at the beginning of her carrier, a remarkable artistic and mature technique can be easily recognized in her playing.
Uwe Matschke's performance is characterised by a great technique and a high culture of contact with the keys. Both artists, are known for their ability to touch listeners' emotions through their fascinating performances with intense temperament..."

Gerhard Zschieschan, Sächsische Zeitung, 28.04.09

"... Uwe Matschke is for sure a powerful support for the young violinist and at the same time a provocative collaborator. Like in a good discussion, the violin and the piano are harmonising in the best way. They advance by defining the themes for one another, changing them, and shaping them according to their own personal interpretation."

Lisbeth Kaupenjohann – Zeitung FRANKENPOST, 21.10.2008