Press, 18.12.15

"...The violinist had purity of tone in the whole range of the instrument and performed elegantly and accurately the unfolding of the sliding, tilting phrasing. The pianist, a trustworthy companion, seamlessly offered a secure base and starting-platform for the violinists' phrasing...

...Based on a strong musical sensor, the precise, well-balanced playing of the two musicians gave strong interpretations that combined structural integrity, internal rhythmic pulse and mathematical clarity."

I Kathimerini, 2.11.2014

"...What one admires in Danae Matschke at first is the expressive immediacy and the youthful temperament, elements that match the – relatively youthful – Beethoven sonatas, the 1st, 5th ("spring sonata") and the 7th, that were interpreted.

Moreover, the confidence with respect to matters of style led to an excellent rendition of the "variations" of the first Sonata and, overall, to lyrical parts performed suavely and not mawkishly. Most importantly, father and daughter defined clearly the character and the particular nuances of each part, as well as of each individual section, resulting in vivid, expressive, and exciting interpretations through constant alternation of moods.", 07.11.14

"... Accompanied at the piano by her father, Uwe Matschke, the 26-year-old violinist gave a spectacular recital in every respect. One admired the quality of sound, solid technique, refined phrasing, rhythmic vigor, but mostly the expressive directness, narrative fluency and confidence of her performance.
In every respect, Papamattheou-Matschke seems to be the most promising representative of the post-Kavakos generation of Greek violinists!"

Thüringer Allgemeine, 14.06.2011

"...The winner of many prizes Danae Papamattheou - Matschke rendered Mozart's concert in A major in a crystal clear and fine sound, in accord with the melodic configuration of this work. With an air of classic vivacity, the soloist dealt with all the difficult technical demands of the piece, while the sensitive accompaniment of the orchestra supported her delightfully with all its might ..."

Leipziger Volkszeitung, 26.04.2010

"...The violonist Danae Papamattheou - Matschke played freely and with passion the narrative parts of this rarely performed concert for violin „in Form einer Gesangsszene“ by Louis Spohr..."

Express, 28.11.2009

"...A major revelation as a violinist, the 21-year-old Danae Papamattheou - Matschke in the most demanding perhaps of all concerts for violin -that of Brahms: sound rich and bright, reminiscent of the great violinists of the 20th century...
Perfect tonal precision and genuine musicality, together with a striking spiritual maturity, which illuminated in its smallest detail the musical concept of a genius..."

Eleftherotypia, 25.11.2009

"...With many prizes already to her credit, the violinist impressed us with her correct tone, the quality and weight of her sound, the clarity of her phrasing, the finesse of her expression as well as with the confidence and right aim of her musical aesthetic. Playing with an acute awareness, self-confidence and having the right concept about the expressive volume of Brahms’s music, the violinist handled without difficulty the risky and conflicting confrontation with the orchestra asserting without hesitation her own presence..."

I Kathimerini, 22.11.2009

"...Most impressive again was, in her appearance this year with the National Orchestra of Athens, the young Danae Papamattheou - Matschke. As a soloist in the concert of 13th November, in the Friends of Music Hall, she interpreted in a classical manner the gigantic as well as demanding Brahms concert for violin. What was particularly striking was her robust and muscular delivery, indispensable for such musical writing of mature romanticism... The 21-year-old musician possessed a beautiful, mature sound, tonal precision and great authority..."

Sächsische Zeitung, 28.04.2009

"...Danae Papamattheou - Matschke has an irreproachable technique, a bright sound in the violin, a rich pallet of colorfoul sounds and a fascinating collection of expressive means. Although she is in the beginning of her carrier, a remarkable artistic and mature technique can be easily recognized in her playing..."

I Kathimerini, 22.06.2008

"...In the second part of the program, the just twenty year's old Danae Papamattheou -Matschke startled us with a mature and confident delivery of Karol Szymanowski's concert for violin and orchestra No 2. With a sound which was accomplished, expressively vibrating and of high musicality, she brought out the inherent sensuality of this work, which was performed for the first time by the National Orchestra of Athens. Her interpretation affirmed her great familiarity with this particular piece and her most diligent work..."

Ostsee-Zeitung, 07.09. 2007

"...She possesses a remarkable technique, an almost astonishingly big, powerful sound and a notably clear interpretative point of view…A remarkable talent –and a most stimulating and evocative evening. Great the applause!!"

Frankenpost, 14.06.2005

"...In the first category, the laurels went to the 17-year-old Greek Danae Papamattheou - Matschke. She made her appearance with the violin concert of Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy –with an all-out, sharp and dramatic sound. Unhindered, with precision and technical maturity... If it is true that violin playing resembles a song, then the performance of this up and coming violinist belongs to the class of grand Opera..."