Beethoven / Debussy / Ravel – Sonatas for violin and piano

Irida 018
Beethoven / Debussy / Ravel – Sonatas for violin and piano
Danae Papamattheou – Matschke, violin / Uwe Matschke, piano
ΙRIDA Classical, 2014

This is the second time violinist Danae P. Matschke collaborates on an album with the pianist Uwe Matschke, after their first release, titled «Danae P. Matschke - Violin Recital», was warmly received by fans and critics alike. For their sophomore effort, they chose sonatas for violin and piano by Beethoven, Debussy and Ravel, allowing us the opportunity to enjoy their renditions of works where the two instruments share equally prominent roles.

D. P. Matschke and U. Matschke's successful careers to date, leave nothing but high expectations for this record, and they certainly do not disappoint- they show complete control of their material and the requisite sensitivity as to the character of each work. The recording of these three masterpieces of classical chamber music is also pristine, allowing even minute details of their playing to shine through.

New album release by IRIDA CLASSICAL

February 2012

New album release by IRIDA CLASSICAL

Danae Papamattheou - Matschke recorded a new album, together with her piano partner Uwe Matschke, with works by E. Bloch, J. S. Bach, D. Terzakis and C. Franck.
The new album has been released on February 2012 and Danae plays a violin made by Carlo Giuseppe Testore (Mailand 1710).

Danae Papamattheou – Matschke, Violin Recital
Uwe Matschke, piano
IRIDA Classical, 2012
CD Review by Dionysis Mallouchos, AΩ Οnassis-magazine/issue-60

"... The talented musician distinguishes herself particularly for the control of her musical instrument... in pieces that pose great interpretative demands like Bach`s solo violin works, where her sound is characterized by stability and clarity, she illuminates noteworthy details, while her interpretation remains solid and meticulously rendered at the same time...

... In works such as Franck's sonata, her handling of the timing of the melodic line is reminiscent of much more experienced violinists, as the musician has momentum, direction, phrasing line but also clarity of thinking ... with refined aesthetic choices with respect to timbre, dynamics, bow control...

... Her playing exudes confidence ... even in the field of contemporary music ... as in the piece by Dimitris Terzakis (in its first world recording) in which she demonstrates her well-enhanced decoding aptitude."